Duke Health and Duke University Health System Administration

A. Eugene Washington, MD, Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University; President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke University Health System

Craig Albanese, MD, MBA, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, DUHS Duke Health

Rhonda Brandon, Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Duke Health System

Monte Brown, MD, Vice President of Administration, Duke University Health System, and Associate Dean of Veteran’s Affairs, Duke University School of Medicine

Edward Buckley, MD, Vice Chancellor for Duke-NUS Affairs; Vice Dean for Education, Duke University School of Medicine

Thomas M. Coffman, MD, Dean, Duke-NUS Medical School

Mike Datto, MD, PhD, Associate Vice President, DUHS Clinical Labs

Mary Ann Fuchs, RN, DNP, Vice President of Patient Care, System Chief Nurse Executive for Duke University Health System and Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for Duke University School of Nursing

Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, Chief Digital officer and Senior Vice President, Duke Health

Katie Galbraith, MBA, President, Duke Regional Hospital

Alyson Parker Gordon, CCP, MBA, MSM, SPHR, Assistant Vice President of new Talent Strategies, DUHS

Barbara Griffith, MD, President, Duke Regional Hospital

Christy M. Gudaitis, JD, Deputy General Counsel for Health Affairs, Duke University and Health System Counsel

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD, MPH, LCSW, RN, ANP-BC, PMHNP-BC, AAHIVS, FAAN, Dean and Professor, School of Nursing; Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs, Duke University

Debra Clark Jones, Associate Vice President for Community Health

Michael Kastan, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Duke Cancer Center

Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean, School of Medicine; Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Duke University

Catherine Liao, Associate Vice President for Government Relations, Duke Health

Paul Lindia, Vice President, Network Services, DUHS

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Director, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy

Ellen Medearis, Vice President, Development and Alumni Affairs, Duke Health

John Mordach, MBA, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer, Duke University Health System

Rob Odom, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Vice President, Duke University Health System Thomas Owens, MD, President, Duke University Hospital, Senior Vice President, Duke University Health System

Colleen Shannon, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Duke University Health System

Richard Shannon, MD, Chief Quality Officer and Senior Vice President, Duke Health

Shilpa P. Shelton, MHA, FACHE, Associate Vice President for Musculoskeletal & Spine Services, DUHS

Scarlet Soriano, MD, ABOIM, Executive Director of Duke Health and Well Being

Cary Unger, MHA, Associate Vice President, Neurosciences and Behavioral Health, DUHS

School of Medicine Administration

Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean, School of Medicine & Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Scott Gibson, MBA, Executive Vice Dean for Administration

L. Ebony Boulware, MD, MPH, Vice Dean for Translational Sciences Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

Ann Brown, MD, Vice Dean for Faculty

Edward G. Buckley, MD, Vice Dean for Education Colin Duckett, PhD, Vice Dean for Basic Science

Susanna Naggie, MD, Vice Dean for Clinical Research

Allan Kirk, MD, PhD, Vice Dean for the Section of Surgical Disciplines

Billy Newton, Jr., Vice Dean for Finance and Resource Planning

Theodore N. Pappas, MD, Vice Dean for Medical Affairs

Michael Pencina, PhD, Vice Dean for Data Science

Geeta Swamy, MD, Associate Vice President for Research, Duke University; Vice Dean for Scientific Integrity, School of Medicine

Kevin Thomas, MD, Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Adrian Hernandez, MD, Vice Dean and Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Stacy Palmer, Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and Chief of Staff

Judy Seidenstein, Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer

Jill Boy, Associate Dean and Chief Communications Officer Suresh Balu, Associate Dean for Innovation and Partnership

Monte Brown, MD, Associate Dean for Veterans Affairs

Cathleen Colon-Emeric, MD, MHSc, Associate Dean for Research Mentoring

Joanna Downer, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Development

W. Gavin Foltz, JD, Associate Dean and Executive Director, Office of Research Contracts

Aditee Narayan, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs

Betsy Hames, JM, SPHR-SCP, Associate Dean and Chief Human Resources Officer 

Joseph A. Jackson, Jr., MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Director of the Office of Student Affairs

Catherine Kuhn, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Walter Kwiatek, Associate Dean, Information Technology

Jennifer Averitt, Associate Dean for Medical Education Administration

Moria Montalbano, Associate Dean, Space Management & Research Resources

Lindsey Spangler, Associate Dean for Research Integrity

Rasheed Gbadegesin, MD, Associate Dean for Physician-Scientist Development

Svati Shah, MD, MHS, Associate Dean of Genomics

Beth Sullivan, Associate Dean for Research Training

Denise Snyder, MS, RD, Associate Dean for Clinical Research

Thomas N. Denny, MSc, M.Phil, Associate Dean for Duke RTP Administration

Katherine Stanley, Associate Dean for the Section of Surgical Disciplines

Laurianne Torres, Associate Dean for Research Administration

Lisa Varani, Associate Dean for Finance

Megan Von Isenburg, MSLS, Associate Dean for Library Services and Archives

Delbert R. Wigfall, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Linton Yee, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions

Kathryn Andolsek, MD, MPH, Assistant Dean, Pre-Medical Education

Saumil Chudgar, MD, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Clinical Education

Deborah Engle, EdD, MS, Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation

Nancy Knudsen, MD, Associate Dean for Learning Environment and Well-being

Eric Perakslis, PhD, Chief Research Technology Strategist

Andrea Liu, Assistant Dean of Admissions; Assistant Director of Medical Scientist Training Program

Fatima Syed, MD, Director, Primary Care Leadership Track

J. Matthew Velkey, PhD, Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education

W. Todd Cade, PT, PhD, Division Chief for Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Barbara Hooper, PhD, Program Director and Division Chief, Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Lori Crooks, Assistant Dean of Financial Aid and Registrar

Christopher Kontos, MD, Director, Medical Scientist Training Program

Anna Hampton, Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee/Office of Animal Welfare Assurance

Maureen D. Cullins, AM, Program Director, Multicultural Resource Center

Antony Schwartz, PhD, Director, Biological Safety

Jacqueline S. Barnett, DHSc, MHS, PA-C, Division Chief, Division of Physician Assistant Studies

 John Norton, DVM, Program Director, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources

Aimee Chung, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

David C. Gordon, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Leonor Corsino, MD, MHS, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Scott Heflin, MA, Director of the Office of Curricular Affairs

Diana McNeill, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore

Edward Buckley, MD, Vice-Chancellor of Duke-NUS Affairs (at Duke)

Michael (Luke) James, MD, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Duke-NUS Research

Thomas Coffman, MD, Dean

Patrick Casey, PhD, Senior Vice Dean of Research

Karen Chang, Senior Vice Dean and Group Director of Corporate Services

Ian Curran, BSc, AKC, MBBS, FRCA Vice Dean of Education

Chow Wan Cheng, MBBS, MMED (Int Med), MRCP (UK), FAMS, Vice Dean of Academic & Clinical Development

Christopher Laing, PhD, Vice Dean, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Soon Thye Lim, MD, Senior Associate Dean, MD Programme

London Lucien Ooi, MBBS, FCSHK, FRCS, MD, Associate Dean, Admissions, Recruitment and Financial Aid

Scott Compton, PhD, Associate Dean, Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Silke Vogel, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Mara McAdams, MD, Associate Dean, Alumni Relations

Suzanne Goh, MD, Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Shiva Sarraf-Yazdi, MD, MEHP, Associate Dean, Educational Strategies & Programme Development

Aditee Narayan, MD, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, Joint Academic Committee

Sulochana Naidoo, PhD, Associate Director, Global Education for Duke-NUS (at Duke)

J. Matthew Velkey, PhD, Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education, Joint Academic Committee

Daniel Laskowitz, MD, Joint Academic Committee

Michael (Luke) James, MD, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Duke-NUS Research

Patricia Joseph, MBA, Director, Office of Duke-NUS Affairs (at Duke) 

Standing Committees of the Medical Center Academic Administration

Admissions Medical School

Linton Yee, Associate Dean of Admissions; Dean Taylor, and Elizabeth Livingston, Executive Committee on Admissions Chairs; Committee Members: Drs., Anne Akwari, Andrew Atia, William Bradford, Doreen Chang, Richard Chung, Bradley Collins, Phuong Doan, Robert Drucker, Henry Friedman, Charles (Chuck) Gerardo, Jennifer Greene, Shelley Hwang, Nancy Knudsen, Christopher Kontos (ex officio), Richard Kravitz, Nicole Larrier, Shu Lin, Abigail Melnick, John Middleton, Julie Penzner, Devdutta Sangvai, Barbara Sheline, Lauren Siewny, Linda Sutton, Fatima Syed, Leonard White, Delbert Wigfall and Julius Wilder; Ms. Andrea Liu and Maureen Cullins; Third year medical students from the Davison Council, SNMA, LMSA, APAMSA, and Duke Pride

Basic Science Faculty Steering

Lorena Beese, PhD, Chair; Drs. Stefano DiTalia, Matthew Dupree, Kevin Franks, Sarah C. Goetz, Gianna Hammer, George Jackson, Jeremy Kay, Andrzej Kosinski, Chay Kuo, Daniel Lew, Craig Lowe, Debbie Silver, Herman Staats, Thomas Tedder, Jichun Xie, Hai Yan, and Pei Zhuo

Clinical Sciences Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

Cindy Amundsen, MD, Chair; Sharon Fekrat, MD, Vice Chair; Drs. Ron Goldberg, Roger Liddle, Christine Marx, Sarah Myers, Mark Stafford-Smith, Georgia Tomaras, Julia Walker and Qianben Wang

Clinical Science Faculty Council on Academic Affairs

Thomas Ortel, MD, PhD, Chair; Drs. Kathryn Andolsek, Cecil Borel, Brian Brigman, Claude Burton, Bradley Collins, Stephen George, Susan Halabi, Carol Hahn, Brant Inman, Andrzej Kosinski, Walter Lee, Howard Levinson, John Madden, Page McAdams, Sarah Myers, Thomas Price, Svati Shah, Craig Sobolweski, Brett Stolp, Dean Taylor, and Zhihang Wang. Alternates: Drs. Andrew Allen, Sanjay Asrani, Allan Chrisman, Dennis Clements, Brian Czito, Dennis Darcey, Eplin, Anne Ford, Joseph Govert, Steven Grambow, Heyneman, Kimberly Johnson, John Kirkpatrick, Anand Lagoo, Eugene Moretti, Holly Muir, Mark Stafford-Smith, Cynthia Toth, Debara Tucci, and Chip Walter

Clinical Training Committee

Saumil Chudgar, MD, Chair; Drs. Melinda Blazar, Melanie Bonner, Dana Clifton, Leonor Corsino, Samrat Das, Sarah Dotters-Katz, Deborah Engle, Robert French, Karissa Gamble, David C. Gordon, Joseph Jackson, Nancy Knudsen, Jonathan Martin, Kathy Niu, Aditee Narayan, Cecily Peterson, Poonam Sharma, Barbara Sheline, Dean Taylor, Jenny Van Kirk, Cory Vatsaas, Matthew Velkey, Nancy Weigle, and Delbert Wigfall. Mses. Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, and Andrea Liu

Comprehensive Administration Group

Edward Buckley, MD, Chair; Drs. Saumil Chudgar, Deborah Engle, Jamie Fox, Mitchell Heflin, Nancy Knudsen, Daniel Laskowitz, Linton Yee, Erin Leiman, Diana McNeill, Sulochana Naidoo, Aditee Narayan, Poonam Sharma, Fatima Syed, Matthew Velkey, Nancy Weigle, and Gabriel Yapuncich; Ex-Officio members: Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, Joseph Cawley, Marcie Ellis, Scott Heflin, Andrea Liu, Sharon Kaiser, Megan Von Isenburg; and Renee Hedstrom

Curriculum Committee – Undergraduate Medical Education

Edward Buckley, MD, Chair; Voting Members: Drs. Joel Boggan, Taylor Broome, Bruce Burnett, Laura Caputo, Jennifer Carbrey, Aimee Chung, Andrea DeRuyup, Sarah Dotters-Katz, Rob French, Liza Genoa, David Gordon, Julian Hertz, Ravi Karra (for Chris Kontos), Darsh Kothari, Andrew Landstrom, Daniel Laskowitz, Erin Leiman, Elizabeth Malinzak, Sneha Mantri, Sharon McCartney, Andrew Muykz, Toyosi Onwuemene, Julie Penzner, Cecily Peterson (for Dean Taylor), Denise Pong (for Kenny Railey) Dev Sangvai, Kevin Shah, Poonam Sharma, Betty Staples, Fatima Syed Traci Thoureen, Jenny Van Kirk, Nancy Weigle, Len White, Linton Yee, Peter Yi, Angel Zeninger; Ex-Officio/Non-Voting Members: Drs. Kathy Andolsek, Jacqueline Barnett, Saumil Chudgar, Deborah Engle, Mitch Heflin, Tiffany Hilton, Barb Hooper, Joseph Jackson, Nancy Knudsen, Jacqueline McMillian-Bohler, Aditee Narayan, Matt Velkey; and Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, Michelle Johnson, Megan Von Isenberg

Duke Cancer Institute Steering Committee

Michael Kastan, MD, PhD,Chair; Drs. Tomi Akinyemiju, Peter Allen, Ted Alyea, Carey Anders, Nadine Barrett, Gerard Blobe, Christopher Counter, Nelson Chao, Robin Famiglietti, Peter Fecci, Daniel George, Shelley Hwang, Warren Kibbe, Chuan-Yuan Li, Donald McDonnell, Steven Patierno, Kathryn Pollak, Tom Stinchcombe, Lars Wagner, and Christopher Willett; Ms. Karen Kharasch

Duke University Medical Center Radiation Control Committee

Terence Wong, MD, PhD, Chair; Drs., John Kirkpatrick, Kevin Hill, Bruce Lobaugh, Leila Murebee, Robert Reiman, Fang-Fang Yin, and Terry Yoshizumi; Ms. Mary Ann Fuchs; Messrs. Vanessa Peoples, Neil Petry, and Grant Smith

Duke University Safety Committee

Matthew Stiegel, PhD, Chair; Drs. Carol Epling, Robert Reiman, Said, Schwartz, Wayne Thomann and Terry Yoshizumi; Messrs. Bass, Boroski, Dailey, Kivel, Knipper, Legge, Martin, Payne, Reifokofski, Schlitz, Scoggin, Sexton, Shaw, Stevens, Subasic, and Zivica; Mses. Barazsu, Greeson, King, Lobough-Jin, Morgan, Parrot, Puglia, Rimmer, and Zabrycki

Fourth Year Committee

Jenny Van Kirk, MD, Chair; Drs. Dan Blazer III, Saumil Chudgar, Aimee Chung, Joe Doty, Deborah Engle, Julian Hertz, Nancy Knudsen, Catherine Kuhn, Aditee Naryan, Cecily Peterson, Lance Roy, and Dean Taylor; Mses. Lori Crooks and Marcie Ellis

Hospital Clinical Ethics Consultation Service

To contact the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service, page (919) 970-8209. For more information, visit https://trentcenter.duke. edu/consultation.

Hospital Ethics

Krista Haines, MD, Chair; Senior Members: Drs. Nicole Larrier and Kristen Meade; Other members: Jennifer Gentry, NP; Zac Ginsberg, MD; Karon Jooste, MD; Kristin Lakis, MDiv, LCSW; Zac Mashburn, RN; and Bolanle Mufuka, MD

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Richard Frothingham, MD, and Wayne R. Thomann, DrPH, Co-chairs; Drs. Patrick Condreay, Carol Epling, Randall Reynolds, Antony Schwartz, Arlene Sena, and Tai-Ping Sun; Mr. T. Scott Alderman, Mr. Brian Letourneau, Mr. Arrash Yazdani, and Ms. Lindsey Morgan; Contact person: Dr. Antony Schwartz

Institutional Committee for Graduate Medical Education

Members as of publication date: Catherine Kuhn, MD, Chair; Drs. Amy Alger, Rami, Al-Rohil, Kathleen Bartlett, Sarah Bean, Alisha Benner, Dan Blazer, Michael Bolognesi, Brandi Bottiger, Joshua Broder, Bruce Browner, Anne Buckley, Jessica Burkhart, Will Bynum, Jeffrey Bytomski, Michael Campbell, Pratap Challa, Tara Chandrasekhar, Jeffrey Cooney, Mitchell Cox, Lisa Criscione-Schrieber, Anna Lisa Crowley, Matthew Crowley, Catherine Cummer, Thomas Cummings, Dennis Darcey, James DeOrio, Bruce Derrick, Jennifer Dominguez, James Eastwood, John Eck, Christopher Eckstein, Mai El Mallah, Nada El-Husseini, Sarah Ellestad, Melissa Erickson, Jeffrey Eschbach, G. Michael Felker, Robert Fitch, Matthew Fraser, Herbert Fuchs, Karisa Gable, Jane Gagliardi, Ronald Goldberg, L. Fernando Gonzalez, Oren Gottfried, Nadia Goldson, Beverly Gray, Michael Haglund, Russell Hall, John Haney, David Harpole, Nazish Hashmi, Matthew Hartwig, Donald Hegland, Tracey Holsinger, Salim Idriss, Olga James, David Jang, Erik Jelovsek, Karen Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Schuyler Jones, Sujay Kansagra, David Kaylie, Matthew Kelly, Michael Kent, Mikelle Key-Solle, Lindsay King, Thomas Koinis, Paula Lee, W. Robert Lee, John Legge, Erin Lesesky, Ruediger Lehrich, Kara Lyven, Deesha Mago-Shah, Kamran Mahmood, Charles Maxfield, Lorna Maxwell, Eileen Maziarz, Marie McDonald, Kathleen McGann, John Migaly, Carmelo Milano, Colleen Naglee, Shashi Nagaraj, Laure Page, Erica Peethumnongsin, Katherine Peters, Lisa Pickett, Brett Phillips, Ryan Plichta, Christopher Polage, Thomas Polascik, Eric Poon, Dana Portenier, David Powers, Vinod Prasad, Thomas Price, Liana Puscas, Kayiyala Ravindra, Kyle Rehder, Mark Richard, Laura Rosenberger, Adia Ross, Jennifer Rothman, Joseph Salama, Devdutta Sangvai, Scott Sanoff, Randall Scheri, Sweta Sengupta, Suma Shah, Shilpa Shelton, Shreyansh Shah, Scott Shofer, Saurabh Sinha, Andrew Spector, Mark Stafford-Smith, Amy Stallings, Betty Staples, Ranjan Sudan, Paula Suhocki, Gregory Swain, Laura Sveltkey, Tina Tailer, Dean Taylor, Nathan Thielman, Annemarie Thompson, Karon Thornton, Jane Trinh, Heather Van Mater, Travis Vesel, Heather Vestal, Edi Wang, Cary Ward, Richard Wood, Charles Woodard, Mamata Yanamadala, Peter Yi, Sora Yoon, Aimee Zaas; Resident Council: Drs. Monica Abdelmalak, Amal Al-Lozi, Andrew Atia, Carlos Barbey, Allison Berryhill, Pam Bhullar, Vincent Brinker, Lauren Brown, Dana Coccola, Sara Coles, Yohannes Constable, Hayley Cunningham, Steve Dondlinger, Priya Dukes, Austin Eckhoff, Imarhia Enogieru, Lauren Floyd, Brian Gilmore, Dominik Greda, Angel Guerrero, Hudaisa Hafeez, Abigail Hardin, Stephen Harward, Maureen Hayes, Rebecca Himmelwright, Jessica Houk, Ken Kennedy, Collin Kent, Evelyna Kliassov, Elijah Lackey, Cassandra Lautredou, Grace Lee, Katherine Lee, Ariel Lefland, Harold Leraas, Gabrielle Madsen, Ahmad Mourad, Cindy Pabon, Gaby Plasencia, Colin Smith, Daniel Spinosa, Elizabeth Wahl

Institutional Review Board for Clinical Investigations

Sharon Ellison, PharmD, Lead Chair; Chairs: Patricia L. Ashley, MD, PhD; Dara Barnard, PharmD; Carlos DeCastro, MD; Lou Diehl, MD; Mark Donahue, MD, MHS; Wanda Lakey, MD, MHS; Paul Lantos, MD; Richard Lee, MD, MPH; Walter Lee, MD; David Ota, MD; Egla Rabinovich, MD, MPH; Moria Smoski, PhD; and Cathy Vaughan, PharmD. For a complete listing, please refer to the Institutional Review Board for Clinical Investigations website at

Library Advisory Committee

Megan von Isenburg, MSLS, Chair; Kathryn Andolsek, MD, MPH; Lorraine Anglin, MHS, PA-C; Jeffrey Baker, MD, PhD; Justin Barr, MD, PhD; Rebecca Brouwer, MS; Sherilynn Black, PhD; Monique Fleurant, BSN, RN, CIC; Adam Goode, PT, DPT, PhD; Bonnie Hepler, PhD; Richard Lee, MD; Erin Leiman, MD; Alexis Musick, Medical Student; Clay Musser, MD, MS; Thomas Ortel, MD, PhD; Alex Suarez, MD; Barbara Turner, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Lara Wadi, MD. Ex-Officio members: Sarah Cantrell, MLIS; Russel Koonts, MA; and Beverly Murphy, MLS, FNP-BC, AOCNP; Jeffrey Baker, MD, PhD; Joan Cahill, PhD, RN, BSN; John McCusker, PhD; Justin Barr, MD, PhD; Kathryn Andolsek, MD, MPH; Lorraine Anglin, MHS, PA-C; Natasha Iranzad, MD; Richard Lee, MD; Rebecca Brouwer, MS; Russell Koonts, MA; Sarah Cantrell, MLIS (ex-officio); Sherilynn Black, PhD; Thomas Ortel, MD, PhD

Merit Awards

Mary E. Klotman, MD, Chair; Drs. Edward G. Buckley and Linton Yee; Other members: Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, and Andrea Liu

Misconduct in Research

Drs. R. Alison Adcock, Sarah Armstrong, Marion Broome, Ashley Chi, Donna Niedzwiecki, Elise Olsen, David Pisetsky, Michael Relf, Sidney Simon, Leonard Spicer, James Urbaniak, and Anne West. Misconduct Review Officer, Dr. Donna Kessler

Promotions Committee

Jane P. Gagliardi, MD, MHS, FACP, DFAPA, Chair; Drs. Kathy Andolsek, Andrew Alspaugh, Trey Blazer, Catherine Bowes-Rickman, Jennifer Carbrey, Saumil Chudgar, Cerrone Cohen, Bradley Collins, Leonor Corsino, Jane Gagliardi, Liza Genao, Joseph Jackson, Bruce Klitzman, Joseph Lo, Daniel Schmitt, Poonam Sharma, Jenny Van Kirk, Matt Velkey, and Kanecia Zimmerman. Members (ex officio): Drs. Melanie Bonner, Deborah Engle, Delbert Wigfall; Ex-officio: Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, Marcie Ellis, and Karen Tesoriero

Third Year Committee

Daniel Laskowitz, MD, Chair; Drs. Kathryn Andolsek, Gowthami Arepally, Catherine Bowes Rickman, Vivian Chu, Leonor Corsino, David Edelman, Deborah Engle, Neil Freedman, Rasheed Gbadegesin, Rory Goodwin, David Hsu, Megan Huchko, Margaret Humphreys, Bruce Klitzman, Joseph Lo, Chris Marx, Shannon McCall, Richard Moon, Sulochana Naidoo, Aditee Narayan, Becky Schroeder, Randy Sears, Matthew Sparks, Steve Taylor, and Anh Tran; Official Liaisons and ex-officio members: Jennifer Averitt, Lori Crooks, June Clement, Elizabeth Futrell, Brittany Harris, Scott Heflin, Robin Kearney, Heather Lloyd, Lysa McKeen, Maria Padilla, Mattie Stevenson and Karen Tesoriero