Assistant Dean for Premedical Education and Executive Director: Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH
Associate Directors: Leonor A. Corsino, MD, MHS; Maureen D. Cullins, AM; Anthony T. Fuller, MD, MScGH; Judith C. Holder, PhD; Alexa K. Namba, DO, MPH; Leonard E. White, PhD
Program Manager: Christie T. McCray, MEd
Program Coordinator: Anthony Garza, MA
Staff Assistant: Kaylyan Parker


The Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences is a Duke University School of Medicine professional master’s degree program.

Its mission is to transform the future of health care professions by educating and mentoring a diverse group of individuals in an interprofessional and biomedical environment. It aims to enhance the academic preparation of students interested in pursuing a career as a healthcare professional, biomedical scientist, or a career in a related field.

The MBS Program values diversity, self-awareness, service, learner well-being and teamwork. It aspires to foster curiosity, innovation, a joy and passion for learning, and individual and collective professionalism.

The MBS Program is administered by the Duke University School of Medicine. It is offered by faculty from the basic and clinical sciences departments of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, The Graduate School, and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences who have extensive experience with pre-health learners, e.g. medical student, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapist, doctor of pharmacy, and other members of the university community who have expertise in relevant scientific disciplines and/or areas of professional practice. Upon successful completion of all requirements for graduation, the Master of Science in biomedical sciences degree is conferred upon the graduate of the Duke MBS Program.