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Population Health Sciences Certificate (A-PHS-C)

Population Health Sciences Certificate

Program Director: Asheley Skinner, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies


The Professional Certificate in Population Health Sciences Research (PHSR) is a non-degree program in the Department of Population Health Sciences that offers healthcare professionals strong foundational training in population health sciences research via a flexible format. Participants will learn theoretically grounded, applied, and pragmatic interdisciplinary approaches to solve health and healthcare challenges.

The certificate program will train and prepare enrollees to:

  • Address health and disease by integrating population-level thinking.

  • Critically evaluate scientific evidence and its potential impact on populations.

  • Apply population-level strategies in health promotion, clinical care, research, teaching, and health policy efforts.

  • Conduct research according to the highest scientifically rigorous and ethical standards and serve the needs/values of the populations with which they interact.

  • Understand the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

  • Engage stakeholders.

  • Develop and evaluate new models of healthcare delivery.

The certificate is for:

  • Past or active employees in public health who want more specialized or analytical skills

  • Established professionals in healthcare or government who want to incorporate advances in health services research

  • Clinicians who want to focus on policy-relevant research to improve health and healthcare

Participants may complete the certificate over a period of up to 3 years, at their convenience, so that they may undertake their training while also continuing to work. Completion in 2 years is recommended; participants must complete all requirements within 3 years. The Certificate is designed exclusively for professionals and is not available to any degree-seeking student, either at Duke or elsewhere.